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Protection for your home, without a deposit.

Deposit-Free gives landlords more protection against damages, unpaid bills, and rent than a traditional deposit. Tenants keep cash in their pocket and get additional protection, including home contents.

Reduce the stress of renting with:


Lower moving costs

Tenants save on upfront costs and can move in faster. No need to wait for a deposit to be returned at end of tenancy.


Home contents protection

Coverage against loss or damage to contents caused by common risks such as typhoons, fire, water leakage, burglary, and accidental damage.


Landlord guarantee

Landlords are protected for loss of rent, legal liability, and damage to fixtures, fittings, furniture, and household appliances.

Find out more ways to relax as a Tenant or Landlord.

Deposit-Free reduces the cash needed to move by over 70%.

We're here to help all sides of the lease.

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Deposit-Free renting for more freedom.

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Stand out and close deals faster. 

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Deposit-Free renting for more protection.

How does Deposit-Free renting work?


Deposit-Free is an alternative to a traditional security deposit. Instead of a large upfront down payment, tenants pay a small service fee that provides additional protection for both the tenant and landlord. 

Why rent Deposit-Free?

New tools for old problems.

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Keep more money in your pocket

No need to pay up to 2 months rental deposit. Save on upfront costs and keep cash for the things you love.

Protect your home contents

You are protected against loss or damage to contents caused by common risks such as typhoons, fire, water leakage, burglary, and accidental damage.

24-Hour home assistance service

Immediate assistance on referral services if you encounter any problems with your home.

Fast and fair

When it’s time to move out, you’ll only pay if there’s a problem you’re responsible for, and you won't have to wait to get your deposit back.

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Stand-out and rent faster

By reducing the upfront cost of renting, offering Deposit-Free rents can speed up the process of finding tenants, and reduces void periods.

Protect your rented property

We protect you against loss or damage to rented contents including furniture, decoration, household goods and appliances, for up to 12 months rent.

Loss of rent

You are covered for loss of rent if premises is uninhabitable, access is prohibited or if the tenant fails to pay for up to 6 months rent.

Property owner legal liability

You are covered for your legal liability as owner of the property against accidental bodily injury or property damage to third party.

Ready to start renting Deposit-Free?

Find out more about how Deposit-Free renting works.

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