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Tough Market? 

Stand out and close deals faster by offering Deposit-Free rentals. Tenants keep cash in their pockets, and landlords get more protection than a traditional deposit.

Why become a Deposit-Free agent?


Boost demand

Stand out in a crowded market. By becoming a Deposit-Free agent, you can make your properties more appealing by offering a Deposit-Free service.


Happy tenants

Close deals faster, and reduce the stress of moving. Tenants get home contents protection and keep more money to spend on the things they love.


Secure landlords

Landlords get a better deal and are protected against loss of rent, legal liability, and damage to fixtures, fittings, furniture, and household appliances.

By reducing the upfront cost of renting, offering Deposit-Free rents can speed up the process of finding tenants, and reduces void periods.

Stand-out and get more enquires by offering Deposit-Free rentals.

Good for tenants, great for landlords.

Deposit-Free renting can be better for everyone involved. Deposit-Free landlords receive additional protection, at no cost to them. To make renting more affordable, tenants keep their deposit and pay a small service fee that includes protection for both the landlord and tenant.


Renting a property Deposit-Free does not mean no responsibility. Tenants remain liable for any damages or rent arrears.

How does Deposit-Free renting work?

Our process is smooth, simple and secure, making renting better for everyone. We’re here to provide support every step of the way.

Moving-in a new tenant

Offer deposit-free renting

Make properties stand out by agreeing with Landlords to rent Deposit-Free, and ensure potential Tenants are aware that Deposit-Free renting is an alternative for them. Offering Deposit-Free renting is a great alternative to dropping rental prices to attract tenants.


After signing the rental contract, you or the Landlord will register and invite the tenant to set-up the Deposit-Free rental scheme. They will start paying a service fee that covers the scheme costs. The Tenant and Landlord will also receive an insurance contract, covering them for the length of tenancy.

Check and move-in

On move-in, you or the landlord creates an inventory report via our check-in app, detailing the condition of the property. This check-in is fundamental to a smooth check-out process.

During the tenancy

The Tenant is responsible for looking after the property and the terms under the tenancy agreement, including taking all reasonable steps to maintain the property and its contents in good condition.

In the event the Tenant or Landlord needs to make a claim under the service, they can claim directly with our insurance partner.

Any damage to the property or your contents should be promptly reported by the tenant as soon as they occur.

When the tenant moves out

End the scheme

When you know your tenancy is ending, let us know and we'll schedule the end of scheme. The Landlord or Tenant can also start this step.


As your tenant moves out, you or the landlord should conduct a check-out report via our app. This report will identify any changes in condition of the property and will be compared against the inventory and check-in report to identify any settlements owed to the landlord.


After assessing the Check-Out report the landlord may request settlements from your tenant – just like they would request to make deductions from a cash deposit. It is the tenant’s responsibility to settle these requests. If a settlement cannot be agreed, they can escalate the request to our resolution team to assess the evidence and determine a value.

Ensuring good conduct

Tenants are financially liable for any amounts owed, and damage not covered by insurance. In the event of non-payment, landlords will be paid via insurance and we will trigger debt collection from tenants directly. Non-payment may impact their credit history and result in court fines.

More reasons to partner with Deposit-Free.


Offer an additional service versus other agents, attracting both landlords and tenants, helping you get more clients and rent properties faster.

Rental recovery and repossession

We cover actual legal expenses and costs incurred for rental recovery and/ or repossession of the insured premises from the tenant if required.

Loss of rent

Landlords are protected against loss of rent if premises is uninhabitable, access is prohibited or if the tenant fails to pay.

Resolve disputes

Our impartial, trained resolution team will use the evidence provided to quickly settle disagreements on any amounts owed between tenants and landlords.

Protection of contents

Tenants and landlords get protection for their home contents, fixtures and fittings caused by fire, flood, typhoon and accidental damage.

Incentivise renewals by refunding deposits

Boost retention rates and minimise the cost of concessions.

Still have Questions?

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