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Stressed about moving home?

Worry less and keep cash in your pocket for the things you love. Deposit-Free removes the need for a traditional deposit, and protects your belongings during your tenancy.

Relax in your new home with:


More cash in your bank

Reduce moving costs by over 70% when you don't need to pay a deposit. And don't stress about your deposit being returned at the end of tenancy.

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Contents protection

We protect you against loss or damage to contents caused by common risks such as typhoons, fire, water leakage, burglary, and accidental damage.

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Landlord protection

We protect your landlord against loss of rent, legal liability, and damage to fixtures, fittings, furniture, and household appliances.

91% of tenants polled worry about getting a fair settlement and their deposit back at the end of tenancy.

What is Deposit-Free renting?

Deposit-Free is an alternative option to a traditional security deposit. Instead of a large upfront down payment, you pay a small service fee that provides protection for both you and your landlord. 


How does Deposit-Free renting work?

Moving in

Find a property

Find a property with a landlord or agent that is happy to offer you the option to rent Deposit-Free. You can also refer them to this website to apply for the scheme.


After signing your rental contract, your agent or landlord will send you a link to register and set-up the Deposit-Free rental service, which includes protection for you and the landlord.

Check and Move-In

Your landlord or agent will provide you with an inventory report via our check-in app, detailing the condition of the property as you move in. This check-in is fundamental to a smooth check-out process. You can also add your own photos and images.

During your tenancy

You are responsible for looking after your landlord’s property and the terms under your tenancy agreement, including taking all reasonable steps to maintain the property and its contents in good condition.

In the event you need to make a claim covered by insurance, you can claim directly with our insurance partner.

Any damages to the property or your landlords’ contents should be promptly reported to your landlord or agent as soon as they occur.

Moving out

End your scheme

When you know your tenancy is ending, let us know and we'll schedule the end of your membership. Your landlord or agent can also start this step.


As you move out your landlord or agent should conduct a check-out report. These documents will identify any changes in condition of the property and will be compared against the inventory and check-in report to identify any settlements you may owe. You can take your own photos to support the reports too.


After assessing the check-out report your landlord or agent may request settlements from you – just like they would request to make deductions from a cash deposit. It is your responsibility to settle these requests. If a settlement cannot be agreed your landlord or agent can escalate the request to our Resolution Team to assess the evidence and determine a value.

You are responsible for:


Unpaid rent/bills

Any money you owe must be settled when you leave the property


Damages to property

You are responsible for any uninsured damages you cause


Other tenancy terms

You must honour any other agreements in your tenancy

As with traditional deposit, failure to pay for any amounts owed may result in legal action and debt collection procedures.

More ways to relax in your new home.

Fast and fair

When it’s time to move out, you’ll only pay if there’s a problem you’re responsible for and won't have to wait to get your deposit back.


Our trained resolution team will only use the evidence provided to settle disagreements on any amounts owed.

Damaged locks

The service includes replacement and installation cost if keys are lost, or windows, gate or external locks are damaged because of burglary or attempted theft.

Protection for contents

You are covered up to for accidental loss or damage to home contents including furniture, fixtures and fittings, household appliances, computer, etc.

Alternative accommodation

You are covered if the property becomes uninhabitable due to insured damages.

24-Hour home emergency assistance

Immediate assistance on referral services if you encounter any problems with your home.

Still have Questions?

Get in contact via the form below or check out our tenant frequently asked questions.

Ready start renting Deposit-Free?

We’re launching soon in Hong Kong. Leave your contact and we’ll be in touch!

Thanks! We'll let you know when we launch.

Important Information

You remain completely responsible for any compensation due to the landlord, as you would with a traditional tenancy deposit.

The Deposit-Free service is offered to you as a choice, so if you prefer to pay a security deposit, you can. With a traditional deposit your money will be returned to you if there is no damage due to the landlord at the end of the tenancy.

If you dispute your landlord’s claim, and our resolution team finds in your landlord’s favour, you need to settle with them. Failure to pay us at this stage will result in us passing your debt to a debt collection agency which may incur further costs for you and could affect your credit rating.

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